Eneos Palanga 1006 km

2017 JULY

19-22 d.

Hankook Parnu 1006 km


21-24 d.


Participants list

Quick teams stats
Teams: 24

Start number Team Country Class Car Drivers
9 Lithuania
10 (completing application) ASK ,,Automanai" Lithuania
11 Sparti Reklama- PF Kekava racing team Lithuania
13 Lithuania
17 Skuba Racing Team Lithuania
22 222 Lithuania
53 Dynami:t Energy Lithuania
54 Autoverslas racing team Lithuania
58 Rotoma Racing Lithuania
67 Gera Dovana - Lithuania
77 Zvaigzne Motorsport Latvia
90 Galingas.lt Lithuania
95 Greičio akademija Lithuania
96 Lithuania
(completing application) VŠĮ ASK SAMSONO MOTORAI Lithuania
(completing application) VŠį Evo performance Lithuania
(completing application) JR Motorsport 1 Holland
(completing application) Cor Euser Holland
(completing application) AEGN engineering Lithuania
(completing application) DL Racing Lithuania
(completing application) Sporto klubas "Traseras" Lithuania
(completing application) ASK ,,Automanai" Lithuania
Start number Team Country Class Car Drivers
  • galerija
    The Seventeenth 1000 km race at Palanga will be on 20-23 days of July. This speed and excitement fest, where participants comes even from foreign countries such as Great Britain, Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and others, attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators, and the broadcast is whatched by around a million viewers.