Hankook Parnu 1006 km


21-24 d.


Important information

Only 100 days remained until „ENEOS 1006 km“ race powered by Hankook

Only 100 days remained until „ENEOS 1006 km“ race powered by Hankook


Only a hundred days remained until „ENEOS 1006 km“ race powered by Hankook, which will take place from July 19th in Palanga.

This year the race welcomes us with the biggest innovation – an agreement with one of the largest sport tires manufacturers „Hankook“ tires. That is why this year the teams will have the same tires in Palanga and Parnu (Estonia), where 1000 km will be held as well, for the first time organized by „Promo Events“.

A free workshop was organized for the drivers, teams and racing engineers, in order to properly understand how to make tires work. The workshop was hosted by experienced Hankook engineers and most importantly, it was positively welcomed by the participants.

Jonušis hopes that the race in Palanga and the race in „auto24ring“ race track in Estonia, will be even more attractive, because TCR class, named „TCR Baltic Trophy“ will take place during these races as well. This racing series – TCR class, was presented during the previous year‘s race in Palanga.

An interesting fact is that last week 24H race in Silverstone (Great Britain) as well as the TCR stage, was won by Sebastiaan Bleekemolen, with „Seat Leon TCR V2 SEQ“. He is also the winner of the last year race in Palanga.

„Igorio lankų“ team Igoris Ivanovas and Sigitas Ambrazevičius, with „Seat Leon Cup Racer TCR“, also Ernesta Globytė and Janis Baumanis, they are all going to debut in TCR class this year.

Palanga town is also preparing for the big races in July and promises to create the best and most comfortable conditions for the drivers and spectators.



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    The Seventeenth 1000 km race at Palanga will be on 20-23 days of July. This speed and excitement fest, where participants comes even from foreign countries such as Great Britain, Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and others, attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators, and the broadcast is whatched by around a million viewers.