Palanga 1006km

17-20 of July

108 km women challenge

Searching for ways to spend your free time with friends? We invite You to „108km Women challenge powered by Kristiana“


The aim of this car orientation challenge is to invite to drive safe and get to know Lithuanian seaside touristic attractions.
This is a special event for women and girls!

When and where?

2018 July 20  (Friday) meeting 09.00 – 09.45 in Palanga, near 1006 km track (next to Klaipėda turn).

What will we do?

We will spend a full day on the road. Women will drive for 108km doing some additional tasks for the prizes. The main prize is still kept as a secret.

How to prepare?

First of all, gather all of Your girlfriends and decide who will participate. The team should consist at least of two women, however, more is possible.
It would be fun if teams had their own „dress code“. Of course, dress up for the weather conditions as well.

How is it going to happen?

The starting numbers will be drawn by chance. Throughout the drive, teams will have to participate in various tasks, not only drive but read maps, search for the historical or touristic objects.
After the long day of driving in the evening part of the day, the women will find out the winner on the main stage.

The winner will be the team with the best time score.


Starts : 2018.05.11
Ends: 2018.07.15 17:00 val.
The number of the participants is limited*: 60 cars.
* The organizers have a right to cancel the registration when the number of participants has reached the limit.

Women, at least two. More is possible as well.

The event takes places on the Lithuanian common roads.
Road cover: asphalt, gravel.
Length: 108 km.

Regulations "108 km women challenge powered by Kristiana" (version 2018 07 03)
Bulletin No. 1 

Bulletin No. 2 Compulsory advertising scheme (version 2018 07 12)


More information at the event regulations or Facebook event.