Hankook Parnu 1006 km


21-24 d.


Important information

1000 km both races – powered by “Hankook”

1000 km both races – powered by “Hankook”

For sure, drivers and teams are looking forward to the beloved races, the biggest in the Baltic region – “ENEOS 1006 km Palanga” powered by “Hankook”, which will take place on July 19-22 in Palanga and also the “1000 km PÄRNU” powered by “Hankook” races in “Auto24Ring” track (Estonia) on September 23-24. 


“We are proud of the exclusive partnership between “Promo events” and “Hankook Tire Europe” for the supply of our race tyres. It is a great honor to participate in the two most prestigious circuit race events in the Baltics, and it is the perfect opportunity to introduce our product to the market. We are positive that all drivers will be pleased with our product.”, says Manfred Sandbichler – Motor Sport Director of Europe. 

Of course, any news requires specific knowledge. That is why on March 22, a workshop is being organized in Kaunas, where a bunch of different aspects will be discussed about “How to make the tire work properly”. The workshop will be hosted by 2 greatly experienced racing engineers who have been working in different racing series for many years, such as DTM, Formula 3, TCR.

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    The Seventeenth 1000 km race at Palanga will be on 20-23 days of July. This speed and excitement fest, where participants comes even from foreign countries such as Great Britain, Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and others, attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators, and the broadcast is whatched by around a million viewers.