Hankook Parnu 1006 km


21-24 d.



How to come?

Trasa pazymeta Lietuvoje

Race track:


318753, 6201021 (LKS)
55.909273, 21.100812 (WGS)
55° 54′ 33.38″, 21° 6′ 2.92″ (WGS)


A circuit map:

How to get to Palanga on the days of the event:

Kaip atvykti į Palangą renginio dienomis


  • galerija
    The Seventeenth 1000 km race at Palanga will be on 20-23 days of July. This speed and excitement fest, where participants comes even from foreign countries such as Great Britain, Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and others, attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators, and the broadcast is whatched by around a million viewers.