Palanga 1006km

15-18 of July

Gera Dovana Drift

For 4 years in a row, 1006 km race spectators are surprised by the smokes and sounds surrounding Palanga viaduct. 

If the first year people did not know what was happening, now they certainly know that is Baltic Drift championship drivers. By mere distances from the partitions of the trackthey create a great show for the spectators. 

The event is watched only a few meters away so the feeling is always overwhelming. People can almost see the fascinating looks of dedication in drivers eyes. The scratched car is so common like coffee for breakfast. 

"Gera Dovana Drift" is coming back to Palanga and will charm the spectators with one of the greatest events. 

The strongest, fastest cars, dedicated drivers and, of course, the emotions that will be relived once again this year!

Baltic drift championship III stage

Lithuanian drift championship III stage

Registration is open! Let's go! 



Biuletenis Nr. 1 "Gera Dovana Drift" race passes (versija 2019-07-03)

Bulletin Nr. 2 "Gera Dovana Drift" compulsory advertising scheme (version 2019-07-04)



18:00-22:30        “GERA DOVANA DRIFT” practice


18:00-18:50        “GERA DOVANA DRIFT” practice

19:00-19:50        “GERA DOVANA DRIFT” qualifying

20:00-22:30        “GERA DOVANA DRIFT” championship

22:50                   “GERA DOVANA DRIFT” awards on the main stage

Full "Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook" timetable