First in Qualifications - “Skuba Racing Team“

Tomorrow “Skuba Racing Team“ will start the race from the first position. Qualification has ended and top 5 teams are revealed. The first place winners 1 lap drove in 1minute and 15,293 seconds. The second were “Rotoma Racing“ with 2,431 seconds result. Dainius Matijošaitis,“Rotoma Racing“ driver, told to the press that he‘s not surprised with the results and of course he‘s also happy about them.Dainius Kablys from “Igorio lankai“ was third one, 4th – “Juta-Bauer Rally Team“, 5th – “Sparti reklama- PF Kekava Racing Team“.“Juta-Bauer Rally Team“ driver Haris Aleksandravičius told that he‘s very glad that Ramūnas Čapkauskas drove their BMW M3 and reached satisfying result. Darius Jonušis, the organizer of the event, directly of the qualifications congratulated every driver in the press conference.While ones were preparing for the qualfications and the main race, the mechanics and sporstmen competed in 1000 metres run. The winner was “Gera dovana –“ driver Martynas Čiuželis just by a few seconds finished second “Juta-Bauer Rally Team“ driver R. Čapkauskas. Among mechanics first was “Skuba Racing Team“ Justas Chadasevičius.