Hankook is the official tyre supplier for 

"Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook" race

Please fill in and send this HANKOOK TYRE ORDER FORM ASAP (latest 11 June 2021)

Download and place 2021 Aurum 1006km powered by Hankook tyres order form


Augustas Bieliauskas
Mob: +370 615 85623
Email: augustas.bieliauskas@juta.lt  
Jonas Gelžinis
Mob: +370 687 92454
Email: jonas@jutaracing.lt 

Hankook will provide service to all the teams with full technical and fitting service at the track, all teams will have these benefits:

  • Teams only have to pay for the tyres they actually use (Please note: Tyres fitted on the rims are not refundable). 
  • However, rain and slick tyres in "Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook" race can be used only with a special mark for 2021 “Aurum 1006 Hankook powered by Hankook" race.
  • Hankook will take care of the transport of all tyres to the race weekend, therefore teams will save on the transport costs.
  • Technical service and tyre fitting during the entire event, practice, qualifying and race are free of charge.

Hankook tyres price list for 2021 "Aurum 1006km powered by Hankook" race

Hankook tyres technical data

Tyres ordering conditions:

  • The price list is excluding VAT (Lithuanian VAT is 21%).
  • Lithuanian registered companies will be invoiced with VAT. EU-registered companies will be invoiced without VAT if the company has a valid EU VAT number.
  • For teams who pay for their tyres at the circuit, local VAT is applicable.
  • Each team will receive specific ordering information for the race after registration.
  • Each team should inform how many slick tyres they will need.
  • Hankook will have 2 sets of wet tires available for each team. If the team expect to use more than 2 sets of wet tyres then needs to be ordered.
  • The participants must purchase the tyres at the official Hankook distributor (JUAB Juta)

Download and place 2021 Aurum 1006km powered by Hankook tyres order form