Palanga 1006km

17-20 of July


The biggest racing festival is celebrating the 20th anniversary!

This year we have prepared activities that are even more fun as well as not forgetting the favorite events!
The biggest change is the territory plan. Everyone coming here will feel that WOW moment.

What to expect? 4 days of a true racing spirit in the sky.
Living: you cannot worry anymore about the expensive Palanga hotels. You can live for free at our camping place.
Music: even though the engines are the smoothest sounds to ears, don’t worry – in the evening famous DJs will make you dance.
Food: this year more food trucks will surround the area. More trucks – more options for every taste!
Slalom: spectators’ slalom track will invite everyone to try out slalom. 
TV3 movie theatre: After a long day TV3 movie night will invite you to relax and watch some movies. All the films TBA.

Temporary racing track location: