Palanga 1006km

17-20 of July

General event rules


  1. Each participant of the Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook race who has entered the area of the race is responsible for his/her health, safety, and life. Participants of the race shall respect the rights and legitimate interests of the other participants. A participant of the race shall immediately inform the Organiser or security officers about any violations of these Rules and Regulations.

  2. Each participant of the race who has entered the area of the race bears sole responsibility for the safety, loss, or damage of his/her belongings.

  3. Each participant of the race agrees and does not object to being searched before he/she enters the active and/or leisure zone to ensure that he/she is not carrying any objects that are prohibited by the Rules and Regulations or any other objects that pose a threat to society. The participants who possess any objects that are prohibited by the Rules and Regulations and/or any other objects that pose a threat to society shall not be allowed to enter the area of the race, irrespective of the fact that they have purchased a race ticket.

  4. It is prohibited to perform any commercial and/or promotional activities in the area of the race without the written consent of the Organiser.

  5. A participant of the race agrees that the Organiser may film during the race throughout the entire area of the race and use the filmed material later for promotional purposes in any way and any media for an indefinite time.

The following are not allowed in the territory:

  1. persons who are obviously exposed to alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic substances;

  2. persons who carry weapons or other dangerous goods, explosives, psychotropic substances, flammable substances, alcoholic beverages;

  3. persons who behave aggressively, brutally and may pose a threat to other participants in the event;

  4. minors unaccompanied by an adult.

It is prohibited to bring into the territory:

  1. weapons;

  2. any alcoholic beverages;

  3. food products;

  4. water or soft drinks;

  5. drugs and related devices;

  6. pyrotechnics and other flammable and explosive substances;

  7. promotional materials not coordinated with the organiser;

  8. glass containers;

  9. drones without prior coordination with the event organiser.


  1. Tickets will be available for purchase on the website in advance or at the box office at the entry of the event.

  2. The ticket for the event will be exchanged for a bracelet upon entering the area. The event organiser warns that fake or counterfeit tickets will not be exchanged for event bracelets. The bracelet is valid only as long as it is placed on the wrist of the event participant's hand. It guarantees admission to the event for one person only. If the bracelet is damaged, transferred to another person or torn off, it is considered invalid.

  3. Children up to 120 cm, accompanied by parents or guardians, are admitted to the event free of charge.

  4. Children up to 120 cm. in high-risk areas where team permits are valid - the Pitlane area and Pit lane garages (boxes) are not allowed, whether alone or accompanied by adult.


  1. Within the area of the race, the participants of the race shall behave themselves so that they do not pose a threat to the other participants. It is strictly forbidden to damage the signs, promotional signboards, and other kinds of equipment that are located in the area of the race.

  2. The Organiser shall ensure public order during the race in co-operation with the Lithuanian police, security agencies, information center, medical stations, fire and rescue department and ambulance service.

  3. If required, the Organiser can change the location of the race to ensure the safety of the participants of the race.

  4. The race security officers, who shall wear special clothing and/or have special stickers, are entitled to:

  • Check tickets/wristbands;

  • Check IDs of the participants of the race to establish their identity and/or age;

  • Check the personal belongings, handbags, backpacks, clothes (including pockets) of the participants of the race if the latter is suspected to carry any objects prohibited by the Rules and Regulations into the area of the race. Security officers are entitled to remove from the area of the race a participant who carries any prohibited objects. Such a person is allowed to enter only if he/she leaves the prohibited objects outside the area of the race.

  • If alcohol is found in the bag, handbag or backpack of an event participant, security staff have the right to confiscate it.

  • In the event that drugs or other psychotropic substances, weapons, life-threatening items, explosives or flammable substances are found in the event participant's bag, handbag or backpack, security officers have the right to detain the person, complete the protocol and hand over the confiscated items to the police;

  • give instructions to the participants of the event;

  • use force to protect the rights and safety of other participants in the event or in self-defense, as well as to ensure the safety of items in the event.


  1. Individuals who violate these Rules and Regulations shall be immediately withdrawn from the area of the race; their tickets shall not be reimbursed and they shall be held liable for the damage in accordance.

Final provisions

  1. The Organiser is entitled to replace the announced performers, change the entertainment events, and modify the program.

  2. These Rules and Regulations may be altered upon a unilateral decision of the Organiser. They are published on the official website of the race and information centers located in the area of the race.

  3. The organiser of the event is not responsible for changes in the event’s time table and does not undertake to carry out the individual components of the event according to the time table.