The Start of “1000 km Pärnu powered by Hankook“

On Saturday, 11:15, has started the “1000km Pärnu powered by Hankook“. The organizer Darius Jonušis, director of “Promo Events“, congratulated everyone on the beginning of the event and reminded that points from Palanga and Pärnu will be added into “1000 km Cup“ common table.

11 teams are competing and they should reach the finish by 19:15. From the first position started “Skuba Racing Team“ with “BMW M3 V8 BigDaddy“ car. Marius Slaboševičius driving the BMW.

From the first hour the winning team is still “Skuba Racing Team“ that drove 44 laps out of 316. The second is “Rotoma Racing“ and “Igorio lankai“