The Winners – “Rotoma Racing“

Saturday evening was the end of “1000 km Pärnu powered by Hankook“ race which were organized by Lithuanian organizers “Promo events“.

In total there were 11 teams, however it was not in the quantity of teams but quality. It was a passionate race in Estonia. No one even thought that “Skuba Racing Team“ only drive 172 laps and will have to put thei BMW into garage and that will be it for their race.

For technical difficulties 194 laps drove and finished their race “Gera“ drivers: Egidijus Gutaravičius, Martynas Čiuželis they won on X1 category.

All the difficulties only made “Rotoma Racing“ team stronger. The sportsmen: Robertas Graudinis, Dainius Matijošaitis and Andrius Jasionauskis driving BMW M3 won the race.

In total “1000km Cup“ results their position will be much higher than expected.

Darius Jonušis, the main organizer of the event, congratulated everyone with a spectacular race and of course, especially the winners. Sportsmen drove 316 laps (1000km) in 7 hours 42 minutes and 41.499 seconds and also won in the GT category.

The second finished “Igorio lankos“ team with “Seat Leon“ and won in A3000+/TCR class.

Third were “Sparti reklama – PF Kekava Racing Team“ they were 18 laps behind of the winners and were the first ones in D1 category.

4th - “Alfa Romeo klubas“.

5th were Estonians “Cone Forest Motorsport“ team.

6th “Energizer Racingׅ“.

In A2000 class the winners were “Subaru-Kautra Team“.

Unexpected Turns

After the finish the sportsmen didn‘t leave the track that fast. There were a lot of thoughts going on in drivers‘ minds. One of them how much they depend not only on strategy or driving skills but also on the work of mechanics.

After the 3 laps, already 3 teams had to withdraw from the race for some technical reasons. First ones were “Juta-Bauer Rally Team“ then “Gera“ and sadly, the leaders - “Skuba Racing Team“.