“Aurum 1006 km Races”: another victory for “Porsche”

On Saturday evening, after 8 hours 41 min 59,272 sec and 373 laps, Steve Vanbellingen from “Palanga Spa Hotel by EMG Motorsport” has crossed the finish line first with “Porsche 911 GT3 Cup”.

It is the second victory in Palanga for him. The first one was in 2010.

Yet just before the finish line, the racer knew he broke the record for the shortest race ever as the last one was 8 h 44 min 55,924 sec.

In Palanga, 12 “Porsche” cars have won the competition through the years.

The team-winner has celebrated the victory in the GT class and the qualifying race as well.

Robertas Kupčikas and Nemunas Dagilis rushed to congradulate S. Vanbellingen, however, all teammates had a great impact in the game.

S. Vanbellingen stated that they are fighting for the trophy every competition but they are finally back after 8 years in the top.

The winners of “Aurum 1006 km Races” have been congratulated with the victory by “Promo Events” Director Darius Jonušis.

The main trophy, a challenge cup, in which the name of the team will be engraved and it will be passed onto the 20th anniversary race in 2019, Palanga.

In the TOP6: only the representatives of GT and TCR

The second place in the general race belongs to “Circle K milesPLUS racing team”.

The team stubbornly resisted the leaders throughout the race and finished less than 1 min 08,248 sec later.

The team won 7 series of the race including four in succession throughout the years.

The third place was won by Belgian “Palanga Spa Hotel 2 by SpeedLover” which lagged 10 laps behind the winners.

The very young but promising team “ALM Motorsport” drove in the 5-6th positions in the TCR class race, however, R. Nitinš managed to overtake K. Vaškelis.

Even though the audience was surprised by the team’s spirit, they lacked 22 laps behind.

In the 5th place in the general race, yet in the 2nd place were “DHL Racing Team” in the TCR class.

“Tarzanija Racing Team” arrived 6th in the competition where they lost by 26 laps.

Paid Tribute to the Winners of the Class

Every participant in the “Aurum 1006 km Races” cannot compete as equals because every car differs, according to D. Jonušis who also stated that the real winners become clear in the class races.

The victory was celebrated by “Skycop Racing” who drove BMW M3 and outstripped the second team “Telšių statyba” and others.

In the class of diesel cars, the 1st finished “PGM technika Racing”, the 2nd was ‘Redus LT” while the 3rd place was taken by “Diesel Animals-Vilkas RaCING”.

In the experimental with X1 class cars, “Gera dovana- Emex logistic” won, then followed “Kauno automobolininkai”.

“AD REM-REIMPEX” dominated the A3000 class, the second place was left to “Bunasta by Zaibelis motorsport”, and in the third place were “Kautra Subaru Racing Team”.

Photos by Algimantas BRAZAITIS and Vytautas PILKAUSKAS