Palanga Inspired the Race in Estonia

Only two weeks are left until “1000 km Pärnu powered by Hankook“ race in Estonia, “auto24ring“ track.

One of the teams competing there is going to be “Cone Forest Motorsport“. This team is interesting not only because that it is lead by Maria Uger but also in this Estonian team there are no Estonians, one Russian and 2 Israelis. They will drive BMW M3 in an A3000+ category.

“Our team started in Palanga, that race is something unbelievable. It connects various people with various interests. We are happy to participate in the future because every time you come back you feel really special“ said M. Unger.

When asked what are the goals for the team in “1000 km Pärnu powered by Hankook“ race, Maria Unger answered, “After Palanga, we realized that we can do much better and now our goal is to be in top 3“.

The same goals are set also for Lithuanian “Rotoma Racing“ team. Team members: Robertas Graudinis, Dainius Matijošaitis, Nemunas Dagilis. They will drive BMW M3 and compete in GT category. All of the members know “auto24ring“ track pretty well so there are not going to be much training before the big race on 21 – 23 of September.