Estonian summer capital with 1000 km race

Less than a month is left till „1000 km Pärnu powered by Hankook“ race, which will take place in Pärnu city, „auto24ring“ race track on 21-24 September.

As the races in Riga has already finished the previous weekend, the marathon race in Estonia will end the season.

The first application from the foreigners came from Estonia – the team of „Gettone Group Lic.“, whereas there are also well known teams from Lithuania - „Artas Racing“, „Algirdai“, „Sparti reklama“, „Greičio broliai“, „Samsonas motors“, „AEGN engineering“ and others. So far there are 12 teams and no doubt there will be even more.

Moreover, according to the race regulations, this year the long-distance race consists of two stages – 1006 km race in Palanga and the 1000 km in Estonia, after which, the scores will be summed up and the winners will be announced. The ceremony is scheduled to take place in Vilnius in October. So far the winners include - „Bunasta by Zaibelis Motorsport“, „Alfa Romeo klubas“, „Mojo Lounge by JR Motorsport“, „Telšių statyba“, „PGM technika Racing“, „Skuba Dream“, „Nero-GSR Racing Team“ and „Qvick-VR Racing“ teams.

Unlike in Palanga, Pärnu weekend will not end with 1000 km race. BaTCC (Baltic Touring Car Championship) will be held on Sunday.

In order to reduce the cost of „1000 km Pärnu powered by Hankook “ for the teams, they will be allowed to use the same Hankook tires in „auto24ring“ race track in Estonia, previously used in Palanga.

Photos of the organizers

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