Equal Conditions – Equal Opportunities

Back in July the race in Palanga had one advantage for all the drivers – everyone had the same “Hankook“ tires. This is the same in Pärnu. The organizer, Darius Jonušis, is hoping that the deal with “Hankook“ not only will make equal opportunities for all the drivers but also teams will save some money as the same tires could be used next year or during practices.Drivers from Palanga had no bad word to say about “Hankook“ tires and they are happy to drive with them. One more advantage that the tires are a little bit cheaper than “Michelin“ or “Pirelli“ brand.Darius Jonušis remembering his professional driving days states that back in the day the drivers had great expensive engines and other technical devices but they saved on tires and had poor quality ones. The organizer is proud that new driver generation doesn‘t save money on tires as they are one of the important qualities for driving safely.