“1000 km Cup“ Awards Ceremony

“1000 km Cup“ award ceremony and series closing night took place in “Olympic Casino“, Vilnius. All the sportsmen finally got an opportunity to get out of work clothes and have a fancy night out in suits. There were performances by Ironvytas and Ingrida Kazlauskaitė.

“Today I celebrate not only the “1000 km Cup“ series but also the mood, atmosphere during all the races we had. This is a dream for any event organizer.“ started the opening speech “Promo Events“ director – Darius Jonušis.

With all the luck this year, Darius Jonušis proudly presented that next year the race is going to be in all 3 Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Audrius Gricius fully supports the idea. The sporstman this year had his 15th race. “ During all those years there has never been the same race. Each time it is so different and there is always something new. I am really happy to come back every year.“ Said Audrius.

Another sportsman, Arūnas Strumskis, was also looking forward to the next year driving in another Baltic countries.

You can check the results in classes and overall here