Talents of 1000 km Race

Most of the fans of 1000km race in Palanga can tell that the 6th race was really memorable. Not because of the dramatic race but for the nature’s surprises.

When night comes at noon

On July 31st 2005 “Horn Grand Prix 1003 km race“ participants were not afraid of the started rain. However, after a few hours into the race, the skies turned black and the wind has started. Mother Nature played no jokes. The storm was so bad that for safety reasons the race speed was minimised to minimum. One tent got so high in the air that all the people that got hold of it had to jump to the ground.

The biggest issue was the grand show for the award ceremony as electricity and camp site was damaged. Nevertheless, the race organisers being prepared for all of it, saved the day and the rest of the afternoon went smoothly.

Until finish– 10 kilometres

The drivers had to minimise their speed and drive behind the safety cars. All the fans guessed that no way the drivers will reach the finish in usual 10 hours.

Indeed, the winners, “Oktano-Snaigės“, team finished after 10 hours. Team drivers Egidijus Dapšas, brothers Nemunas and Nerijus Dagiliai drove “Porsche Carrera 996-GT3“. Lada challenged „Porsche“

The second place took guests from Russia, the team “Maxmotor-Uljanovsk“ and the team members drove “Lada Revolution“. The 3rd place took team “Juta-Statoil tepalas” with “Audi A4”. In total there were 37 teams participating in the race.

Fortune of the local celebrities

The storm did not ruin the prepared show and all the singers and TV personalities have participated in the race as well. Some of them got lucky and finished in 7th place. As well as 10 journalists had participated as well and proved the point that size does not matter driving with “Toyota Yaris”. Every captured moment states that the storm did not bring anyone’s cheerful spirit down.