„1000 km Pärnu powered by Hankook“ Race : Facts and Numbers

• The first race “1000 km Pärnu powered by Hankook“ in “auto24ring“ near Pärnu (Estonia) was held on 21-23 of September.

• It was organized by the Lithuanian company “Promo events“.

• It was the last one in “1000 km Cup“ race.

• The drivers were from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Israel.

• The Estonian team “Cone Forest Motorsport“ had no drivers from Estonia but 2 from Israel and 1 from Russia.

• The oldest drivers were 54 years old Rolandas Salys from “Energizer Racing“ and half year younger Raz Heyman.

• The youngest – “Juta-Bauer Rally Team“ team member Justas Jonušis being 15.

• There were 11 teams in “1000 km Pärnu powered by Hankook“:2 from Estonia, 9 from Lithuania. The winners – Lithuanian team “Rotoma Racing“ driving BMW M3.

• The winners 316 laps drove in 7 hours 42 minutes 41,499 seconds.

• The fastest lap was driven in 1 minute 15,293 seconds by “Skuba Racing Team“ member Marius Slaboševičius.

• Qualification won “Skuba Racing Team“.

• The second place in the race took Antra “Igorio lankų“ team. They drove “Seat Leon“ and only by 1 lap behind were from the winners

• Third place “Sparti reklama – PF Kekava Racing Team“ driving BMW 120D.

• „1000 km Pärnu powered by Hankook“ race was broadcasted by 2 countries‘ televisions: Lithuanian and Estonian : “TV3 Play Lietuva“ and “TV3 Play Estija“.

• In Lithuania the race commented Saulenis Pociūnas and in Estonia - Martinas Korjus and Toomas Lambinas.