„Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook“ will be accompanied by a dB Drag

From 19-22 July, Palanga will once again be shaken by the biggest endurance race in the Baltic States, the „Aurum 1006 km Powered by Hankook“ race.

In recent years, dB Drag has been gaining more and more attention – a worldwide popular competition for car sound system enthusiasts, where everyone tries to prove whose car sound system is more powerful by measuring the sound level per unit volume in decibels of an enclosed or an open car.

In the „Pioneer 1006 km dB Drag“, which will be part of the „Aurum 1006 km Powered by Hankook“ race programme, we will be introducing the new BassRace and Street Sound competitions, which are not only traditional, but also widely spread all over the world, and where everyone will be able to try their hand at it, says Paulius Maksvytis, the director of the association that organises the sound enthusiast competitions. The BassRace competition will see participants perform to a timed track in 30-second intervals, with the highest average decibel recorded to show the maximum capabilities of the audio equipment".

This year's StreetSound competition is expected to be a special highlight for all spectators, as the new, rampantly popular and exceptionally noisy StreetSound competition is sure to leave an impact to everyone from the deafeningly loud equipment installed in the car doors.

Registration for this event is now open –