20th festival in Lithuania

20th festival in Lithuania

“Aurum 1006 km race“ is not a new kid in racing school for a long time now. From just one main race it has grew into the whole weekend (almost a week) of racing related activities and entertainments. What is there for the 20th festival in 2019?

Camping zone

Every year in the middle of July near Palanga various tents, fences and safety blocks are built by specialists just in a few days. Racing world specialists, better known as spectators, built their tents for several years in a row as well. So every morning they are awakened by the greatest sound ever – engines. Camping is opened on July 17th and closed July 20th. There everyone can build their tents, sleep in cars and gather together with fellows. During days practises and races will take place and in the evening everyone will gather around to watch night movies together.

Events – to watch and to participate

The plan of “Aurum 1006 km race“weekend is already planned out and it is intense. On Thursday the parade will take place as well as “Dynami:t Super Sprint“ race.

12:00 the start of practises. From 13:00 – 21:00 spectators will be able to participate in slalom race with the chance to win prizes.

18:00 the start of 2 events at the same time: “Gera Dovana DRIFT“ practises and celebrity race. Local celebrities will compete against each other. After that “Street Drag“ will start where spectators can participate.

After all day of event, the night movies are set to start at 23:00.

All day near the race track

On Friday as early as 09:00 will be the start of sports team practise. At the same time spectator’s slalom will start and end at 21:00.

On Friday the start of women race is set to begin “108 km Women Challenge“. A fun competition just for women.

15:20 the start of “Aurum 1006 km race“qualifications. 18:00 “Gera Dovana DRIFT“ race.

Once again the day will end at 23:00 with night movies.

For the first time – exclusive excursion

Saturday is dedicated to the main race. The start at 12:00 and the finish is set to be at 21:00. However, not only the race is going to take place on that day. The main new attraction is the exclusive excursion around the track inside with the main organizer of the event – Darius Jonušis. He will tell all about processes, team tactics, personnel, journalists work and of course, many more interesting stories.

21:00 is the finish. After it the traditional finish party.