1006 km Race Registration has Started

This week “Promo Events“ has started a registration for the 1006km race on July 18-21. The organizers were surprised of quick teams‘ reactions, the most amusing part was when the first registration form came not from Lithuania but from Belarus.

The first team which has registered was “RCM Motorsport“. The team leader Jegoras Jermakovičius told the press that he is excited to participate and have watched the race either live in Palanga or on TV. He is fascinated by the race and its organization.

Together with other team members Dmitrij Nikazačenka and Vitalijis Kazakevičius will drive “Alfa Romeo 15155“ and compete in A3000 class.

“RCM Motorsport“ team will participate in the 1000km race for the first time. However, the team has experience in various long-distance races in Baltic countries.

Darius Jonušis, manager of “Promo Events“, had stated that this year races in Palanga will be held for the 19th time. It is going to be more or less a dress rehearsal before the 20th anniversary next year. The organizers hope to celebrate this kind of event with all the winners and participants during all these 20 years.
Two more teams have registered to participate in Palanga race: “RD signs racing“ and “Gera dovana -“.