"108 Women challenge" team: Auresa

Our team consists of 4 girls - Rūta, Sandra, Vaida, and Laura. Rūta is the driver, Sandra is good with numbers so she is the co-driver. Laura and Vaida – eagle eyes and fast legs – doing all the tasks.

Rūta and Sandra were brought together by the same hobby – car slalom. Rūta and Vaida are cousins and Sandra and Laura are friends. That is all how they got to meet. The team name “Auresa“. It is the official “Toyota“ representative office in Panevėžys name. I guess no wonder which car are we driving. However, we do not know which “Toyota” we are racing.

We have participated in “108 km women challenge“ last year as well. We loved it that is why we are participating this year. We would wish concentration for our team as well as a good mood. To other participates we as well wish to enjoy the event, be aware of the road regulations and have fun.