We hope this collection of figures and facts will give you a better understanding and feel of what the 2023 "Aurum 1006 km" race was all about.

Participants and countries

• The teams comprised of 79 drivers and 23 team leaders from Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, England, and Denmark.
• For the first time, the Danish drivers participated in the race.
• This year, only male drivers were present, while two teams were led by women: "Sonderus Racing" by Indrė Senkutė and "Chemtransa by Juta Racing" by Inga Kačinskienė.
• The "Aurum 1006 km" motorsport festival was complemented by the "108 km Women's Challenge", a traditional Drag race, the "Technitis" Auto Slalom for Spectators, the "Memel Motor Fest" car show, dB Drag, and other events, where around 2000 people showed off their skills.
• For the second time in the history of the race, the international company "Time Service BV - The Netherlands" timed the drivers.
• Martin van de Pavert from the Netherlands was the Race Director for the second time in a row.
• For the first time, a former "Formula 1" driver raced in Palanga. Jan Magnussen from Denmark.
• This year, Benjamin Barker from England was also present for the first time. Ben is a world-class star who recently took his team from last to third in the "LeMans 24H".

Records and record holders

• The 2023 "Aurum 1006 km" track records have been broken 4 times in practice, qualifying, and the main race.
• After a series of broken records, Fjordbach’s final best was on lap 305 - 1 min. 05.425 sec.
• Fjordbach took home the LASF’s prize for the fastest lap of the race.
• The overall and GT3 class winners completed the 373 laps of 2682 meters each in 8 h. 45 min. 22.118 sec.
• The race winners covered the entire distance of 1006 km at an average speed of 114.24 km/h.

Class champions

• In the GT3 class, "Stateta BRO by HMobile" won the overall classification.
• In the GT Open class, "TDS group-TOKS Racing Team" won.
• In the SP3 class, the winners were "Breito&Baltic Caps" drivers Klaudas Bučinskas, Povilas Gutauskas, and Dutch driver Bas Schouten driving a "BMW Silhoutte."
• The winners of the GT4 class, "Ignera Bio-Circle by Dynamit" drivers Mantas Matukaitis, Karolis Gedgaudas, Dovydas Ketvirtis, and Aras Kvedaras who drove "Ginetta G56".
• In the diesel class, the winners were the multiple participants and prize-winners of this race – "Antėja Racing Team" drivers Rimas Cesiulis, Vidas Gedutis, and Vaidotas Mitkus driving "BMW 135D".
• In the TC5 class, the winners were Karolis Blėdis, Tomas Isiūnas, and Evaldas Baciuška of Nanosun by "Trazanija Racing" in an "Audi S4".
• In the TC4 class, the winners were Henrikas Statkus, Andrius Baublys, Jonas Jancevičius, and Rimvydas Dilys of "Hemi Racing by Statomenas," driving a "Seat Leon."
• In the TCR class, Justas Grendelis, Darius Žilinskas, and Adomas Petrovas of "Soderus Racing" took the top step of the podium in the "Seat Leon Cup Racer."