Jonas Valančiūnas – a big fan for one team

As fast as the race is approaching, all the teams are finishing their final touches for the event. Only a few days earlier we found out that last year‘s champion team member Nemunas Dagilis is returning for one more race.

Nemunas Dagilis team is “Palanga Spa Racing by JR Motorsport“. He is 3 times winner back in 2005, 2013 and 2018 and participating in this event for 17 years. There are many memories from the sweet victories and bitter loses.

Another team member 44 years old Belgian, Ward Sluys, celebrated the victory on the track in 2010. He states that he does not remember the number of times he participated, however, the driver could not miss an anniversary, 20th, “Aurum 1006km race”. He wishes this is not his last time in the race.

The youngest member of “Palanga Spa Racing by JR Motorsport“ 17 years old Justas Jonušis, nevertheless, it is his second time.

Justas remembers that the last year’s debut was extraordinary but this year he is even eager to learn more from tracks’ veterans.

One of the fans of this team is Lithuanian basketball player playing in NBA “Memphis Grizzlies“ - Jonas Valančiūnas. While having a break back in Lithuania is relaxing, he would never miss the opportunity to cheer for the team that combines both – youth and experience.