The record reached on the second year of 1000km race stayed for 15 years more

The year 2001:

3 483 972 people are living in Lithuania

The horrific 9/11 act in the US shook the world.

The first “Harry Potter” film was released.

Lithuanian fashion designer Juozas Statkevicius held a fashion show in Paris.

The second 1000km race in Palanga astonished the racing world.

The record reached on the second year of 1000km race stayed for 15 years more

“After the first year’s race, we didn’t have a single thought that next year we will not meet. We knew for sure that the second race is going to happen” states the organizer of the race Darius Jonušis.

The mayor of Palanga, Egidijus Rimkus, helped a lot in organizing the event while organizing some legal preparations for the event. Three foreigner teams participated in the second 1000km race. All of them from neighboring Latvia. The weather as well as amazing as the sun was shining not as during the first year’s race.

The winners of the race that year were sportsmen Vytautas Venskūnas and Alfredas Kudla from the team “Automodus 5“ and they drove “Porsche 993 RSR“. The winners finished in 8 hours and 52 minutes. No one could have ever believed that this record will stay for 15 years and only will be beaten in 2016 by the team “General Financing by Pitlane” driving again “Porsche 911 GT3 Cup”.

The “Automodus5” sportsmen were only 2 and had to embrace a lot of stress and preparation for the race. They have stayed focused until the end of the race, proving the point how hardworking they are. The intense fight was between second and third place, two teams were almost at the same time. The third place winners lost only by 13.328 seconds.