Next upcoming “Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook” - 19-22 July 2023

The date of the “Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook”, the largest endurance race in the Baltic States, to be held in Palanga in 2023, has been announced.

It will be the 24th edition of the prestigious car racing festival, organised by “Promo Events” since 2000, inviting drivers and fans to Lithuania’s largest resort on 19-22 July next year.

“I would like to invite all the drivers and spectators to mark in their calendars 19-22 July 2023, when we will be meeting at our traditional meeting point - the country’s favourite summer resort,” reminds D. Jonušis.

But the summer fiesta in Palanga is not just about speed and exhilaration. Perhaps the most significant value of the event is that even those not particularly interested in motorsport will find something to do during this multi-day festival.

There are performances by music and entertainment acts on the race’s main stage and road safety campaigns initiated by the traffic police, as well as presentations of the most impressive cars in Lithuania and the race and an exhibition of historic vehicles, the “Technitis” spectator auto slalom, the dB drag, the “Olybet 108 km Women’s Challenge” rally, and many other attractions.

Vytautas PILKAUSKAS and Andrius Laucius photos