Already half of the “Aurum 1006 km race “

Today at noon the anniversary 20th “Aurum 1006km race” has started. The leader of the race at 16:24 has reached halfway – 186 laps, in total there are 373 laps.

The very beginning was so intense that you expected it just halfway. There were various accidents, slips out of the tracks and too long stops in garages.

The spectators were the most disappointed when one of the favorite teams from Belgium had to withdraw from the race. “SpeedLover” team had to put their “Porsche 911” car out of the track as it was damaged from front and back and repairing it would have cost a lot of time.

As predicted the fastest teams are with variations of “Porsche“ and “Lamborgini“. It is useful to say that after 100 laps the top 10th car was only 6 laps away from the leader.

From this year the maximum time driving was exceeded to 90 minutes so the drivers got more driving load.

Many teams are content with their driving and the positions in the overall table. Halfway the race, the leader is 7 times the winner “Circle K miles plus Racing Team“ with “GT3 Cup“. 2 laps away are “ARC Bratislava“ with “Lamborgini Huracan ST“, 4 laps - Latvians “Flash Racing Latvia” with “Lamborgini Huracan ST LP620-2”.