“Aurum 1006 km race“ – safe driving school

Less than one month and a half are left until the 20th race in Palanga “Aurum 1006 km race“. This year’s race motto – safe driving.

Relevant issue

People can call it a motto, however, race organizer, Darius Jonušis, would call it a race theme. Skeptics would never combine racing and safe driving. Darius Jonušis states that on the contrary, when the race is high quality and with lots of supervisors, technicians – that sets the example for everyone that safety comes first.

Throughout the years many people have visited this racing event in Palanga. The best platform to talk about safe driving is for the spectators who are interested in car sports, thus “Aurum 1006 km race” is a unique opportunity to reach out to thousands of racing fans.

Many aspects are going to be covered during the race weekend, the organizers state that the biggest attention will be drawn to a safe speed.

New safety car “Kia ProCeed“

As important as educating people on driving safely sportsmen safety on the track is as important Safety car – plays a vital role in the race. The car just before the race drives around the track and makes sure that everything is in order and there are no cracks. This year Safety car is “Kia ProCeed“. Rescue Car – comes to the track only when it is needed. For example, another car needs some help or something similar. This year Rescue cars are “Kia Sportage“.

Faster than a sports car

Race cars are fast, powerful. Racing is in general really intense and fast sport. Thus, this year’s fire safety package is really improved as new fire extinguishers “Bonpet”.

Flags are important

Darius Jonušis highlights the importance of flags used during the race. They indicate not only simple things they are related to safety on the track as well. A yellow flag indicates danger. Two or more yellow flags show that obstacle fully or partially has blocked the track. A green flag means that everything is in order and the race can be continued without any worries. A blue flag means that he is behind by at least one lap and soon other cars will overturn him.

Sportsmen love the black and white flag which indicates the finish.