Local celebrities from TV3 in “Aurum 1006 km race”

Celebrities’ race was very popular part of 1000km race in Palanga a few years ago. “Promo events” director Darius Jonušis explained that last year it was not included in the program because of the lack of time, however this year and even next year celebrities’ race will again be presented in Palanga “Aurum 1006km race”.

The new highlight is also going to be women “108km women challenge” together with TV channel TV8. The statement was followed local celebrities: the music group “120“,Indrė Grikšelytė, Kamilė Tumelytė-KAIA, Audrė Kudabienė and Mindaugas Rainys. The winners were women so we will see in July who will win again.

As the race is fastly approaching organizers can‘t contain their excitment and announce more and more news!