Registration for the "Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook" race 2023 is now open

Promo Events, the organiser of the largest endurance race “Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook” in the Baltic States since 2000, has already announced that the prestigious, traditional motorsport festival will take place in Palanga on the 19-22 July 2023.

Participants will be able to register to the annual “Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook” race from 12 December 2022 at and provide all the necessary information about the team that is going to take a part in the race.

The 2023 race documents, the main rules and other information are available on the race organiser's website and the special Facebook group for participants.

The rules of the race will be almost the same as in 2022. However, it will be a bit more lenient for the riders, with the removal of Pitlane and Stop & Go penalties and other improvements that are not making a big impact on the teams’ preparation.

Congratulating all drivers and motorsport enthusiasts on the upcoming holidays, the organiser of the “Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook” race D. Jonušis invites you to register and award everyone with the hopes that the 24th endurance race in Palanga will be exciting and unforgettable for the participants and the spectators.

Photos by Vytautas PILKAUSKAS and Andrius LAUCIUS