The Biggest Crowd Saw the 10th 1000 km Race

Even in the time of the economic crisis people were cheerful. In 2009 USA President Barack Obama was elected. James Cameron film “Avatar“was released. And in Lithuania 10th 1000km race took place in Palanga.

Race – in the name of Lithuania‘s 1000 birthday

The 10th race was special not only for the great number ten. It was as well listed in one of the events to celebrate Lithuania‘s 1000nd birthday. The event celebrating its 10th birthday raised the bar not only for the organisers but to the participating teams as well.

Palanga has never seen unexciting races

9 hours 19 minutes – the exact time that took the first team that won the race - “Snoras Client Team“. It was the first time for the Ukrainian I. Burenko and second time winning for Aleksej and Jonas.

The second place took “Bauer Racing“ team. Thirds were “Rimo” team. The race was intense and interesting as every year.

Competed in the virtual track

The electronics shop gathered all the volunteers who wanted to participate in the virtual race. Many people competed in the virtual Palanga track between ages 13 and 40.

Celebrities on stage and on the racing track

Traditional local celebrities’ drag race took place as usual. Many for Lithuanians familiar faces competed. It was fun exciting and of course intriguing to watch local celebrities from singers to TV hosts. All of the children were as well amused. They got a chance to drive safe electrocars in the specially created track. Children who showed the best skills got prizes.

Spectators did not want to leave

The final concert of the race gathered huge crowd. After it no one wanted to leave. All of the top singers participated in the concert and cheered the spectators.

Motors TV Translation

As usual the communication of the race was perfect not only Newspapers wrote about the race, live translation of the race took the place as well. Everyone could watch the final concert too. For the first time in the racing history cabel TV called Motors TV as well translated episodes from the race.