“ENEOS 1006km powered by Hankook” organisers are announcing the show plan

Only 50 days left until “ENEOS 1006 km powered by Hankook” race in Palanga and organizers are announcing the show plan.

Scrutineering checks will start on 19th of July, in Palanga as usual. Only after their final word teams will have the parade in Vytautas street the next day. Directly after that the „Dynamit Super Sprint“ competition will start in the Palanga city center.

On Thursday afternoon the race drivers will start their free practice. On the very same day the slalom for amateurs will begin and the slalom track will be working for the whole 3 days. Also, on Thursday the Danish racing competitions organizers will invite us to watch how almost twenty drivers will race each other in exactly the same cars „Aquila Synergy“. On friday „Gera dovana Drift“ will take place at 7pm and the race will finish just midnight.