First steps towards to beginning of “Aurum 1006 km race“

One month left until the race “Aurum 1006km race” in Palanga. The race will take place for the 19th time. The organizers “Promo events” ensure that the race will be amazing and worth attention. For three days people will leave their worries and troubles behind and will be only in the surroundings of the car racing world.

The biggest event in Gediminas square was when the winners gave back the trophy to the organizers. The trophy is engraved with all the winner teams since 2000.

Last year winners are “Skuba Dream” team who are not the first time winners. They won the race in total 7 times and 4 times in a row.

The trophy can be seen at the “Sportland” shop centre in Gediminas square in Vilnius.

People hear an introduction to the race and got to know the race event better in Gediminas square. The highlight of the race is the quantity of the events and various races: one of such is“108 km women challenge“. The organizer V. Skaiskirė stated that the prize is really feminine, original and she would love to have it herself.

There are going to be even more races: “Gera dovana drift“, “Bracket drag”, “Celebrities races”.

Everyone in Gediminas square not only got to know the race program better they also got a chance to see the newest KIA cars.