From now You can Purchase Tickets

From June 5th the tickets to the race event “AURUM 1006km Race” is available! The event takes place on July 18 – 21. The “Promo events” director – Darius Jonušis is sure that one and a half month is a perfect period of time to purchase the tickets for the race. He assures that this year the program is even more intense than last year.

First tickets are cheaper as later they will cost more. People can purchase the cheapest tickets until June 15th.

Ticket for one day costs 7 euros and a 3-day pass – 10 euros. The tickets are available at There are additional VIP tickets as well as pitwalk or gridwalk tickets.

The VIP tickets give the privilege to have a free parking space for a car than travel with a shuttle bus to the VIP section where the live translation of the race takes place. The VIP tickets give and access to all the events happening in the race area.

Pitwalk ticket makes sure that people can feel the atmosphere of the race. People who purchased this ticket will be able to go to the pit zone to see the drivers and their preparations for the race.

There will be a place to build a tent for free, use the showers and toilets as well as the place for campfires.