The big round of applause for “Circle K milesPlus Racing Team“

On Saturday, the anniversary, 20th “Aurum 1006km race” has started and lasted for 8 hours 37 minutes and 26,121 seconds. After 373 laps, the first one to cross the finish line was “Circle K milesPlus Racing Team“ team member Julius Adomavičius with their “Porsche GT3 Cup“ car.

Just after the finish, the big crow of fans have gathered and everyone congratulated the team: Julius Adomavičius, Ralf Aron, Jonas, and Ignas Gelžiniai. For the driver J. Gelžinis it was the 8th victory in the row and for his brother – 4th.

One more record was reached. Last year was the shortest race with 8 hours 41 minutes and 59,272 seconds. That was until today when the shortest time was reached.

It is one again a “Porsche” victory. Out of 20 years of the race – 13 times the “Porsche” car had won. The winning team as well celebrated GT3/GT4 class victory.

Once asked the victory, Jonas Gelžinis mentioned stability. He stated that the team did not make any major mistakes, why did Julius be the last driver? The team immediately knew that the youngest driver has to be last as it has always been like this in their team.

The second place took home Konstantins Calko with his team. He as well drove the fastest lap – 1 minute 09,569 seconds.

Dry Weekend

The weather was surprisingly dry without any drop of rain. The luck was with the teams as they did not have to bother about changing tires.

Second place winners “ARC Bratislava“ enjoyed the weather as well and celebrated victory in their class – “GT Open”.

Third place winners were unique as in their team they had only two drivers – “Gera dovana –“ Egidijus Gutaravičius and Martynas Griška with “Lamborgini Huracan ST LP620-2“.

4th place took home “Flash Racing Latvia” with a monster “Huracan ST LP620-2“Arturs Batraks, Thomas Padovani, Raivo Tamm, and Vilnis Batraks.

5th place – “Noker Racing Team“ Kęstutis Stasionis, Marius Slaboševičius and Rokas Baciuška driving “Volkswagen Golf TCR“.

Class winners are champions

All of the participants cannot compete with each other equally because their cars differ. Thus, true winners happen in classes. Not mentioned before class winners are in TC2 class “Mažeikių ASK/Uno Transport“ drivers Vitalijus and Vytenis Plastininai, Vytenis Gulbinas, Ernesta Globytė driving “Peugeot 308“.

SP2 class winners “ –“: Karolis Jovaiša, Paulius Paškevičius and Martynas Čiuželis driving “Lotus Exige“.

In diesel car class driving “Volkswagen Golf“ the winners were “Citus“ team - Klaudijus Bučinskas, Remigijus Devainis and Kristijonas Pelanis.

Accidents give experience

Not everyone has finished successfully. “Dynami:t Energy“ team was unlucky since the beginning and their car brought them more and more problems.

“Speedlover“ team has crashed into another car and that resulted in the damage that the team decided to finish the race. “Rotoma Racing“ after 2/3 of the race had to call it quits as well after an unfortunate accident.

Accidents give experience and make you look at things more seriously. More teams have experienced various accidents, nevertheless, none of them did lose their smiles and gratitude towards the organizers for such an amazing event.