The Hottest 1000 km Race

In 2010 United Arab Emirates opened the highest (828 meters) building. More records were reached in the XXI Winter Olympics in Canada. Back in Lithuania some hot records were reached as well.

Double number birthday

After so many years, “Promo events” have poured their hearts and souls into the 11th 1000km race. 42 teams have started in “Omnitel 1000 km race “, 141 sportsmen from 6 countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belgium, and Great Britain.

11th race was the hottest races not only on the track among drivers. It was really hot, literally. At the beginning of the race it was 32.2 Celsius and around the middle of the race, it reached 35 Celsius.

Everyone did what they could

Spectators wondered, how many cars will call it quits because of the heat? The number was not as high as expected. However, some cars did quit for that reason. Of course, every driver wondered what would have happened if the weather was not as hot.

Exciting events

As usual, there was not only the main race and the final concert. Spectators in 2010 watched the amazing performance by the pilot Marius Matulaitis. He did many amazing tricks with the plane. “Drag“ race attracted a lot of attention. The winner was Aivaras Štiklelis with special construction BMW 325. He beat his own record and finished in 9,80 seconds.

For the first time, there was a race dedicated to the older than 25 years of cars. The winner was from Great Britain Andrew Holand driving “Ford Cosworth“. The oldest car was 1974 AZLK M-412 (“Moskvich“).

9 hours of battle

Even though the heat was almost unbearable, the race did not take the limit of 10 hours.

The winners were “KS Motorsport“ drivers Steve Vanbellingen, Ward Sluys, and Benny Smets. They drove 1000 km distance in 9 hours 3 minutes 00,393 seconds.

The second team was “Oktanas racing“ with Nemunas and Nerijus Dagiliai as well as Robertas Kupčikas, the drivers were behind the winner by 1 minute 33,432 seconds.

Third place “Fuchs MP Sports Star Moto“ team.

The fastest laps were driven in 1 minute and 21,032 seconds by R. Kupčikas.

AČIŪ (Lithuanian Thank You)

Even though the weather was hot no one went home early. The final concert attracted many people. It resulted in the crowd cheering for the organizers “ačiū” which is in Lithuanian thank you.