Growing Quality of “Aurum 1006 km race“

Growing Quality of “Aurum 1006 km race“

19 teams already signed to participate in the “Aurum 1006km“ race on July 15-18 in Palanga. It is quite a lot knowing that 123 days are left until the race.

Chooses winning cars

Last year we had various 4 “Porsche” cars. This year among 19 teams there are 5 “Porsche” cars. Statistically, out of 20 races, 13 winners drove “Porsche”.

Darius Jonušis, the organizer of the event, does mind the brand of the car but he is happy that each year the quality of the cars is growing.

Out of “Juta“ garages

3 “Porsche” cars are already waiting for their teams “Juta” states Audrius Gelžinis. Last year's winners “Circle K milesPlus Racing Team” is driving one of the “Porsche”.

A. Gelžinis intrigued everyone by saying that Jonas Gelžinis will start in one team and his brother, Ignas, maybe will start in another team. . New gear – bigger ambitions

Last year’s winning car “Porsche 911 GT3 Cup“ this year is for another time “Dynami:t Energy“. Goals are set – to be in TOP 5.

The last “Porsche“ out of “Juta” garages is for “Kautra“ sportsmen.

Eyes on businessmen

Team members are unrevealed in “Porsche Lietuva“, the only hint was given that their eyes are on fast businessmen. However, what is known that for 3 year’s in a row “Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport“ will be their car. The twist that it is expected to lift the HP of the car by 20-30.

Model unknown

“911 #Gatvinė“ – yet another team driving “Porsche 911”, however, some details are still unknown as it is still in the process. Team sportsmen remain the same.