Another amazing team in ENEOS 1006km powered by Hankook

On 19th of July “ENEOS 1006km race“ will start with scrutineering checks. This is the oficial beginning of the race.

This year “MOJO LOUNGE Racing Team by JR MOTORSPORT“ from Belgium leaded by Joost Ursem is really looking forward to the race. The team consists of really experienced drives: Ward Sluys, Danielis Colembie and a new face Bas Schouten.

Back in 2010 W. Sluys together with Steve Vanbellingen and Beny Smets drove “BMW Silhoutte“ and won the “ENEOS 1006km race“. Ward Sluys says that he remembers the joy of the victory to this day. In 2009 Danielis Colembie finished the race second.

The youngest member of the“MOJO LOUNGE Racing Team by JR MOTORSPORT“ B. Schouten has a lot of potential. 10 years ago he won “Rotax Max Winter“ cup and 4 years ago he finished third in the Netherlands “Supercar Challenge“.

The team is bringing “BMW GTR E46“ car and they will combine experience from W. Sluy together with D. Colembie and ambition from the young B. Schouten.