New “Aurum 1006 km race“ classes

Only less than 2 weeks left until the biggest racing festival in the Baltic States. This year the racing event is celebrating 20 years. Among much more news, the categories of the race were adjusted as well.

Not all teams are equal in this race. Some of them are more powerful than others, thus, that is why the winners are considered not only the first finish line crossed team but the winning team in their own car category.
Last year and earlier years there were 6 categories: GT, A3000+, A3000, TCR, X1and D (diesel).

This year there are 5 categories : GT (GT3, GT4, and GT Open); TC (TC1-TC4); SP (SP1-SP3, SPE); D (diesel); TCR

GT category has expanded the most, however, during the race event, there is a possibility to subdivide this category.

TC category is subdivided into TC1–TC4 subcategories.

No further division is in SP category except separate subcategory for the electrical vehicle...

D is for diesel category as usual.

Scrutineering check and referees can adjust the cars into different categories if they are too slow or too fast in comparison with other teams’ cars.

“Aurum 1006 km race“ motto is – safety on the road. Thus, in technical regulations, a lot of space is dedicated specially for this part. The organizers are expecting safe and careful drivers in the anniversary 20th race.