The main attraction in 1006 km race – extraordinary cars

Throughout the 19 years of 1006 km race in Palanga, there were hundreds of different cars. Each year at least a few “Porsche 911 GT3“ or “BMW 3” cars start in the race. However, there were and are unusual cars that attract everyone eyes. They are not necessarily the fastest or winner cars. Nevertheless, they have won the attention of the organizers, participants, and spectators. Here are the top 10 cars.

“Alfa Romeo GT“

“Alfa Romeo“ club is the most active in Lithuania. There is no other club in Lithuania that could gather a team for 1000 km race in Palanga and each year enjoy the race more and more.

BMW 330d

What is so special about diesel BMW? With the right team, even this car becomes like an animal. BMW 330d is one of the first diesel-racing cars in 1000 km race that proved not only the speed is important but endurance as well.


“WinArt“ team never fought for the highest positions in Palanga race. However, their car is like a symbol to the race. Even though there are plenty of cheaper and more efficient cars, racing with a unique car is important too.

“Ford Escort“

For many years the oldest “Aurum 1006 km“ race car was ”Ford Escort“. The enthusiastic Brits brought “Ford Escort” not only for the main race event but to additional events as well. In 2018 all “Escort” options were used. Nevertheless, there is still hope for them to return to the race.

“Honda Civic Type-R“

“Civic“ does not sound impressive anymore, however, this model is outstanding of his model and achievements. Martynas Samuitis together with Arūnas Granskas in 2011 overtook ”Spyker C8 Laviolette“, “Ferrari F430 Challenge“, “Renault Megane Trophy“. They have won the race that year.

“Honda Integra Type-R“

Another “Honda“ but with a different story. One of the main cars in the race not very fast but good. Each year the teams driving with it took prizes in A2000 categories and an the overall table. The convenient and reliable car even for racing.

“Lada 2104“

No one believed that Dovilas Čiutelė was driving this car. The driver is known for his passion for Russian cars. It was no brainer that “Lada” maneuvering done by Dovilas is going to be amazing. “Lada” had many extreme “make-overs” and the driver has promised always use “Lada” for his driving experiments as long as there are some to buy.

“Lexus IS-F“

The words “this car can never finish” were heard from many people. Actually, no one believed in this car’s success. 4th place in overall race table shut those people and since then no one says anything like this.

“Lexus LS“

4 doors car, 5 meters long car participated more than 10 years ago in the 1000km race. Arvydas Padvaiskas and his team were comfortable using air conditioning in the car. “Lexus” overtook many cars, however, in the end, teams decided not to uses these type of cars.

“Lotus Exige“

“Gera Dovana“ team starts in the race with “Lotus Exige“ for quite some time now. However, they have never finished first. This car is still special for “Aurum 1006 km race”.