The most desired gift for women is registration for the 108 km challenge race

On the eve of Women's Day, which predicts spring, Promo events, which organizes the Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook race, together with women's television TV8, has started registration for the 108 km women's challenge race, which has found a place in the event program and has gained considerable popularity.

"Together with the tulip ring, the registration for this purely feminine event full of attractions and adrenaline will undoubtedly delight any team" coordinator of the women challenge event Jolanta Iselionienė is convinced.

Registration of participants is very simple: all you have to do is assemble a team, visit the event web site and fill in the application.

The women's 108 km challenge race will take place on 16 of July for the fourth time in their history, often with over 80 crews.

Why did this event become so popular? There are no one and no two reasons. Women have, one might say, one of the few opportunities of the year to challenge themselves and prove what they are worth not only by driving a car perfectly on the track, but also by solving various specific tasks, demonstrating abilities and accumulated knowledge.

The women's challenge competitions are included in the Aurum 1006 km race program, so they start on the 1006 km race track, the winners and prize-winners are awarded on the main stage of the Aurum 1006 km powered by Hankook event. This year is a specially introduced debut standings for teams whose participate for the first time. The purpose of the innovation is coded in the title of the credit itself. There are participants who did not miss any of the three challenging competitions that have already taken place. As a result, they have accumulated some experience that makes them feel a little superior. A day full of extraordinary adventures, charming spree and beautiful views awaits the teams, which will be crowned with awards on the main stage of the Aurum 1006 km race festival. Each team must consist of at least two people - a driver and a co-driver, and the back seat can accommodate at least the entire support team of the three ladies. The winners of the 108 km women's challenge will be the team who has achieved the best result not only on the track, but also in solving other special tasks during the event.

Photos by Vytautas Pilkauskas

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