In 2002 1000km race had a new name "Horn Grand Prix"

2002 1st of January, Euro officially becomes a currency;

Lithuanian sportsman and sportswoman won 2 gold medals in Sydney;

Lithuanian men basketball team for three times in a row won bronze medals in the same Olympics;

For the third time, the car racing event took place in Palanga.

In 2002 1000km race had a new name "Horn Grand Prix"

Darius Jonušis, the head of "Promo Events" explained that it did not mean that beer was flooding in rivers. Jus business men saw opportunities to invest.

One of the most interesting team was "Le Mano Klubas" driving "Volkswagen Golf". The team name was inspired by "Le Mano" 24-hours race.

Many famous Lithuanian people grabbed the opportunity to participate as well. Various people meant various cars: "Porsche 939 Cup", "Subaru Impreza Turbo", "Renault Clio", "Alfa Romeo", "Toyota Lan Cruiser". The latter was first and until now the only that type of car seen in a 1000km race in Palanga.

First Drag race was as well held in 2002.

It was due to the success of the drag race in 2001 in Vilnius.

The winners of the 1000km race in 2002 were for three times in a row Porsche driving team.

However, the race was intense. For half of the race "Los Patrankos" team was first, but by accident, the car slipped out of the track and hit the advertising stand.

Thus, the winners were "Lietuvos Porsche Klubas".