Palangoje – ovacijos Pietų Afrikos Respublikos lenktynininkams

When in 2012 millions of people celebrated Queen’s Elizabeth anniversary back in Lithuania everyone celebrated the victory of the drivers from the Republic of South Africa. That was in the 13th 1000km race.

The Race traveled all the way to Africa

When in 2012 around 40 teams have gathered from various corners from Europe for “Omnitel 1000km race” it was the usual event. However, one sportsmen team was from the Republic of South Africa. Just then the race became more well-known even in farther countries.

Team members rented “Porsche 911 GT3 Cup“ car and asked Ramūnas Kliaudaitis to be the team manager. Just like that “Oktanas Racing” won the 13th race in Palanga.

When something you never expect breaks…

This victory in Lithuania is going to be remembered for a long time stated team members. They have praised the high-quality event and organizers. Nevertheless, the race was not a piece of cake as “BOD - Bauer Team“ with the car “Aquila CR1 LS7“ were the first ones.

The fight for prizes in other places was as well on fire between “15min. - General Financing“ and “Bar Bar‘a Saitas Racing team by Qvick Motors“.

“BOD – Bauer Team“ had made many stops for repairs and after some time they gave up on winning as there were too many repairs. “15min. - General Financing“ had to stop for their engine pulley broke which actually almost never breaks…

... and the gas finishes by the gas station

The winners did not get their first place on a silver platter as well. Just when the finish was near, on 334 lap A. Culbert just stopped because the car ran out of the gas. Teammates almost had heart attacks, nevertheless, the team was saved by being ahead of others in 4 laps. Second place took “BMW Silhouette“ from Belgium and third Lithuanians “Artas Racing“.

Zanardi's from Latvia

A huge attraction was again “Dzintara Volga“ contest. Many people have gathered just to look at the old collections of cars. The winner was a dedicated driver form Latvia whose passions for driving was admirable. Mini ring debut

Mini ring made a debut in 2012 race. Divided by two teams participants drove 39 cars.

The battle was made interesting, for example, one round winner starts from the last position and more interesting details.

First mini ring A 2000 category winner with “Honda Civic“ was Deividas Sakalauskas.

First “Porsche“ attack

During the race weekend event, one hour was dedicated specially for “Porsche” cars. “Porsche“ club Lithuania“ has created an event called „Race attack – „Energijos kodas“. Various 27 “Porsche” models were driven by drivers from Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia. All the drivers tried the capabilities of their cars.