“Aurum 2016 km race“ Gentleman

On July 18th starts “Aurum 1006km powered by Hankook” race. There were rumors that the Ministry of Transport and Communications will give an award “race gentleman“. The interview was taken from the vice minister Paulius Martinkus.

Could you tell us what made you make this award and who can get it?

Like anywhere else, in the racing world there is one important rule – respect and understanding. It is important to stay polite and respect other drivers during the race and make decisions that are safe for everybody. That is why out ministry decided to make an award “race gentleman” to motivate and encourage drivers to respect each other. The driver who is going to be the most respectful to other will get the award.

Ministry of Transport and Communications just revealed the strategy called “Vizija 0” for the safety on roads. How is it going on? What changes have been already made?