Winners out of 4th Try

This time we will go back to the 8th race in 2007 when 60 teams have applied to participate in the race.

New Name – New Record

“Omnitel 1003 km race“ – was the name of the race in 2007. It was the year of the huge success, 60 teams have applied to participate in the race not only from the Baltic States but from Finland, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia as well.

With great number comes great responsibility, the huge success was the main concern for the organizers as the track had to be modernized and prepared for more sports cars.

There were many people and not only spectators, but 5500 people were also only associated with the race.

Two Televisions and a Helping Hand from Germany

Two main Lithuanian televisions TV3 and Tango TV were broadcasting the 2007 race. Cameras caught not only the race moments but all the entertainment as well with local celebrities and their car sprint race which was really fun.

German specialist team helped out with the technical side to ensure the smoothest racing processes.


The surprises have started from the beginning until the end. All 60 teams were divided into 3 groups when the first group has finished qualification the rain started pouring. The rain stopped faster and better cars from qualifying.

Winners without Porsche

Until 2007 only one year the winners were not driving Porsche. In 2007 the winners were all different cars. As always, there were some problems with the cars and some teams could not compete, some could not finish the race. The unluckiest teams were considered driving the Porsche.

The Victory Comes in the 4th Time

The winners were “Adampolis Racing Team“ duet – Ramūnas Čapkauskas and Vidas Čebatavičius.

“It was the victory out of the 4th try. That taste I cannot forget. We had some troubles on the last 2 laps with our tire, however, we managed to finish first” R. Čapkauskas remembers. 2007 race second place winners “Automoto projektų“ team, driving “Renault Megane Trophy“ and the members: Deividas Jocius, Saulius Girdauskas, Raimondas Kisielis, and Jevgenijus Červonenka and Aleksandras Saliukas.

Third place took “Renault TL Racing Team“ members Darius Vilimas, Vilius Rožukas and Evaldas Čirba, driving “Renault Clio R3“.