Only 10 Seconds

For all of the people 2004 may stand for the “Spirit” landing in Mars, for Lithuanians it is the year when we got into NATO and European Union. For the car sport enthusiasts it is the year, when the 5th “Horn Grand Prix 1003 km race“ took place.

The First Victory of “Audi“

Everyone by now thought that for the 5th time in a row once again “Porshe” will win. However, to everyone’s surprise “Audi RS4“ crossed the finish line the first. Team “Los Patrankos-Printera“ with: Vygandas Simuntis, Vytautas Venskūnas, Linas Karlavičius and Aivaras Pyragius were the winners finishing 335 laps in 9 hours 20 minutes.

V. Venskūnas was the first to one win the rest for 4 times in a row and other team memebers celebrated the victory for the first time.

Only 10 seconds

All can agree that second place is an honourable position in any competition. Nevertheless, it is painful when after all the training and efforts put in the race you and your team loses the chance to win only by 10 seconds.

The same happened to the second time “Baltic Optical Disc“ after the intense fight they lost to the winners by 10,284 seconds.

The Best Place to Watch

The second place winner R. Gabartas shared his feelings about the race. According to him, the participation was spontaneous decision. The fast phone calls and meetings everything pas prepared. The race itself was well prepared and really intense. The best part was the second half and of course, the finishing. After the race emotions were pouring, we were super happy, we did utterly maximum of what we could have done. We were proud.

Cheques for Gasoline

In the 5th race there were 34 participating teams, even more spectators. The prizes were cheques for gasoline. Many local celebrities as well participated in the race behind the wheel.