Start of registration to “Aurum 1006 km race“ revealed some changes

This year, July 17-20 “Promo events” will host the 1000km race for the 20th time. In Palanga – the location that was never changed in those 20 years.

Registration for the race can be done here:
where as usual the common information team has to be provided (name, license and etc.)

This year’s registration started a bit later because of all the work and cooperation for the 20th anniversary. Explained Darius Jonušis – the organizer. The changes will be better for everyone. First, one to register will be the first ones as well to get acquainted with the new regulations.

Team managers will play a more important role. He will ensure that his team will follow all of the rules.

Some changes for the experience for this race happened as well. That means, that to this day the participant had to have 2 years’ experience in racing. 2 years’ experience is now not as vital but competence is a must.

Qualification regulations changed the most. The biggest change that from now on the winner of qualification is that team which has the lowest sum of the time period for its driven 2 laps.

Super Pole (Top 10) regulations do not change.