“Aurum 1006 km race“ Organizers and Participants are True to their Traditions

The biggest car sport event in the Baltic states “Aurum 1006km race” is held in the middle of the summer for over 20 years now. The organizers – “Promo Events“ hope to not break this tradition and welcome everyone this year on July 15-18th.

The organizer Darius Jonušis has stated that they have discussed the race date and other questions with Palanga municipality. D. Jonušis is pleased that managers of various Palanga city organizations agree that race should be held on July 15-18th and they are eager to ensure safety for everybody.

Palanga mayor says that many people cannot imagine summer without “Aurum 1006 km”. The race festival attracts not only locals but tourists from various corners of the world as well. Everyone comes to watch race adrenaline and feel that unique atmosphere.

Palanga city hotels and restaurants association president, Ingrida Valaitienė, is cheerful as quarantine in Lithuania is now easier and people can come back to restaurants. I. Valaitienė agrees to not changing the race date and states that June will be a preparation for the busy season of July when the race takes place. All hotels and restaurants will ensure safety for everyone to enjoy the weekend and leave with the best memories. The sooner the decision is going to be made – the better it will be not only for drivers but service staff as well.

It is indeed difficult to find a place to stay during the weekend if no in advance reservations are made.

D. Jonušis understands that this year race is going to be more difficult than previous ones not only from an organizational or financial point of view. Part of the event will have to change.

If the virus is not going to pass, the organizers are planning on some modifications of race opening in Vytautas street as well as change the format of the race parade and concerts that attract huge crowds. The spectators' zone will be overviewed, if needed – changed.

There is still time to organize and make all the preparation work for “Aurum 1006km race” in Palanga on July 15-18th to happen. We are optimistic as more sports events are scheduled to happen says D. Jonušis.