Aurum 1006 km race has been presented

Aurum 1006 km race festival presentation took place in Vilnius, Gediminas Avenue on Saturday, 20th June.

The traditional presentation is a ceremony to handover the transitional trophy, back to the race organiser. The winners of the last year race, Julius Adomavičius, Estonian Ralf Aron and brothers Jonas and Ignas Gelžiniai from Circle K milesPlus Racing Team handed the trophy to the race organiser Darius Jonušis.

A lot of teams gathered to show their cars and equipment. Regular participants of Aurum 1006 km race from Great Britain Dave, Drew and Mick Holland brought their new racing car „Ginetta G55“. „Dynami:t Energy by Baltic Petroleum“ Team demonstrated „Porsche GT3 Cup“, the car which won the race in 2019. „Antė Racing Team“, „Gaga Racing Team“, „Intertrans“ and many more teams participated to show their preparation for Aurum 1006 km race.

Event attendee "Women's Garage" team are planning to participate in "108 km women challenge". We saw Gera Dovana Drift race drivers and cars as well as „Audio Freakz Lietuva dB Drag“ and "ULTIM8 Drag by Startline" participants.

KIA Stinger will be officially titled as a race Safety Car. That is a huge responsibility because the car for this position has to be fast and powerful. Certainly with KIA Stinger cannot be lack acceleration, says Gintaras Kaukėnas, Director of UAB "KIA Auto". One of the most popular crossovers in Lithuania KIA Sportage this year will be named as a race Rescue Car.

The presentation of the race was broadcast live on

Aurum 1006 km race festival will take place in Palanga on the 15 – 18 of July 2020.

Pictures from the event